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Topreach web platform puts you, the home buyers, sellers, landlords and tenants in control. Topreach online portal, which puts all the information at your fingertips for peace of mind.

Save is a unique online real estate platform, we provide the same service as a traditional real estate agent with low fees and expert marketing on the biggest property listing website.


We dedicate the best specialists in the industry to every stage of the sales process. We are absolutely committed to making your sale all the way through to completion.

  1. Register / Login
  2. Pay Deposit
  3. Start Bidding
  4. Win the property


Registered as Topreach users are involved in the foundation of all online offer or purchase. The registration is completely free, you only need to enter your correct information and successfully verified by email to complete the registration. In order to ensure your purchase rights are not violated, using your legal name to be uniquely identified.


When you registered to get a qualified to offer a price, you can participate in bid activities. If you have found the perfect home you are ready to make an offer, Just click the bottom below  “OFFER A PRICE”  and input your price then submit.


No matter what kinds of sales process through to purchase your home, you will need to pay an upfront deposit when you sign the contract of sale. There are few ways to supply your deposit payment methods which you feel comfortable to use (Bank cheque, Cash and Transferred electronically).


After your offer price is successfully accepted by vendor, you can log on to view your purchased information, and the successful purchaser must sign the contract of sale and pay a deposit on the spot ( Deposit usually 20% of the sale price, 10%-20% of the sale price for " OFF THE PLAN" ), if you purchase unsuccessfully, we refund your full of the reservation fee that you made after we receive your refund request.

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